This is a great tool. I had a Brookstone massager previously and it burnt out on me. So I was in the market for a replacement and so glad I came across this gem.

I went to Best Buy and found similar massagers but for over 500 bucks. Way out of budge. I am so glad I came across this message tool for a third of the price.

The massager comes with a beautiful case so you can keep all the attachments safe and not lose any pieces. It came wrapped and packaged nicely. Everything was in bubble wrap massage gun.

The massager has a long battery life and only needs to be charged once a week or so depending how often you use it. The various heads are easy to insert and take off. In a matter of seconds you can use a different attachment. Each one works great.

The base is a decent weight for the power this tool has. It has several speed functions that go 1 to 30. 1 is gentle and 30 is the most pressure. I prefer the 20 to 30 range but it depends on the location and intensity of pain area. You don’t need to waste money on a Massage therapist if you have this tool. Just have somebody run the took across your back and you just saved on a massage therapy appointment. This massage gun is a life savor massage gun.

Overall, wonderful quality and a great tool. Highly reccomend.Everyone has this Massage Gun and raves about it on my Facebook Feed. I can see why!

In the past, I bought shoulder massagers, wrap massagers chair massagers etc… they were never as good as going to the Chiropractor! When I start to hurt to feel sore again, none of the at home massagers work as good as him.

I read some great reviews by friends about their massage guns, and I was pretty skeptical about it. Until I got tired of paying $75 a session, I ordered one. This one seems to be the popular one and I can see why. The build quality is to notch, nothing squeaky or plasticky about it. Feels solid.

Onto the massage itself, this gun is kinda like the ones the Chris uses on my lower back, a couple of zaps here and there from him with his special gun and I feel great seeing him. I opened up the gun and started zapping away and had my partner do me. It was heaven! instant relief!. I feel great! Probably never see the chiro again! This is putting him out of business especially after quarantine times! massage gun