I have chronic back pain due to a car accident, and I go to a chiropractor regularly. My chiropractor got one of these recently and started using it on my back, and the massage gun results were amazing! He of course has a heavy duty clinical version of this, but I decided I’d check Amazon and see how much one of these can be had for. Found this one for under $200 and it had great reviews, so I decided I’d give it a shot, knowing I could easily return it if it didn’t work like the professional one.

Well I was pleasantly surprised. This thing might not be as heavy or expensive as the professional one; it feels really solid quality. Performance feels on-par with what the chiropractor uses! Percussion action is firm and strong and consistent. Unlike a typical cheap vibration massage, this operates at a much lower frequency and actually pushes rapidly instead of vibrating. This really loosens the muscles and unties knots without making your skin all itchy and irritated after prolonged use massage gun .

Multiple attachments included in the carry case are a bonus, and the case has fitted compartments to neatly store and organize everything.

Weight balance of the massager is perfect, so that the weight of the massager itself can be used to do your own massage, but works just as well if you have a buddy to do it for you.

The battery lasts FOREVER! I use this maybe 10 minutes each night and I only charged it once over the last couple weeks! Sure beats being tethered to a cord.

The massager itself is light enough that it doesn’t feel uncomfortable in the hand, and the soft-touch finish feels just as premium as it looks in the photos. Very durable finish massage gun that won’t show every smudge and finger print. massage gun