I was delighted to find a massage gun was amazing.
It was just as large as advertised.
Sometimes things are much smaller when you get them.
Even on the top speed it doesn’t shake and vibrate in my hand.
When I was ordering it I read some of the comments and people were expressing issues with the battery.
When you first get your massager and open the directions there specific steps you have to follow to ensure the battery charges fully and has a long life.
Pay attention to these steps they’re important.
You have to charge it the first time for 6 hours with the massage gun power off
In the directions it Pacific Lee says not to run the battery out completely when the red lighted ring on the bottom comes on you need to charge it before it’s dead completely.
If you follow these directions you will have a long life out of your battery.
The percussion massager feels amazing it gets deep into your tissue.
I played around with all the different tips & attachments.
I’m glad I finally bought it.
I’ve been looking at them for about six months but didn’t want to spend that kind of money if it wasn’t going to be all I expected.
I wish I would have bought it sooner. I tried this massager as soon as it arrived because I have been having the worst pain in my shoulder. With the stay at home order, I’ve been working from home the past few weeks and it’s been stressful and my desk at home is not ergonomically correct.. my desk and chair at work was selected for me by an ergonomics specialist to help with the specific issues I have (yes we are spoiled haha).

So working from home 8 hours everyday has taken its toll on my shoulders and back. This massager was so amazing at getting the spot on my shoulder where the pain radiates from. Since we are not to go out of the house unless it is a necessity all of the massage spas are closed, I couldn’t go out and get a massage like I normally would when this pain gets bad. This massage gun is actually so much better since overall it is going to save me so much money.

It charges really quickly and the battery life seems good so far. The different accessories are nice to try out to see what works best. I would recommend trying this out to help with any pain. It is worth spending the money on a massage gun rather than an old fashioned back massager.